It is with pride and pleasure that I invite all child healthcare advocates to join us at the 61st Annual Convention of the Philippine Pediatric Society Inc. on April 7-10, 2024, at the Philippine International Convention Center.

Rising from the challenge of the Covid-19 pandemic, the PPS Inc. has decided to conduct its first face-to-face encounter paving the way for the cautious and calibrated return of scientific gatherings in the new normal.

This year, the Department of Pediatrics of the University of Santo Tomas Hospital is spearheading the event. The theme, “The Pediatric Kaleidoscope: Innovations and Progress in Child Healthcare” was deemed reflective of the ever-changing reality that every child and his carers must live through.

It tells of the constant motion and endless transformation that makes life a treasure of learnings and experiences. It shares how the completeness of a whole is made possible by the fragment of its parts. It proves that the colors of life and the patterns we live it all echo a unifying narrative of faith, optimism, and love.

As we chart a future inspired by the desire to be better than our best let us view life with a different lens.

Let us keep the well-being of each other in mind and the best interest of others at heart – smile more and argue less.

Let us refocus our attention on the things we value most and the moments we enjoy them to the fullest – with God, family, friends, and the community we are part of.

Let us build more bridges of kindness and generosity – to lift spirits and touch lives.

Let us extend more than a helping hand but a healing one – to bring people closer and make them feel better.

Let us celebrate the beauty in all and the goodness we must strive to discover in everyone – to herald peace and deliver joy for the generations to come.

All these we hope, we can see best in our life’s kaleidoscope.