Dearest PPS members,

Welcome to our 61st Annual Convention! We are back to full face-to-face meetings and I can feel the excitement as we will once again interact with each other in-person. Our dynamic theme, “The Pediatric Kaleidoscope: Innovations and Progress in Child Health”, encapsulates the colorful landscape of pediatric medicine and the myriad of advancements we can now offer our patients.

This 4-day convention will showcase how latest innovations are improving child health, discuss emerging trends and factors that impact the delivery of services to our patients, while reaffirming our commitment to a holistic and collaborative approach in dealing with health challenges that affect infants, children and adolescents.

Let us be inspired by the diversity and colors of the pediatric kaleidoscope, each facet representing the different aspects of our collective journey, but beautifully working together towards improving the lives of our patients. We must work together with our shared vision so ultimately, pediatric medicine in the country benefits.

Congratulations to this year’s host, the UST Department of Pediatrics, for the excellent programme. May this year’s convention be filled with enriching discussions, meaningful connections and a renewed sense of purpose for all the delegates, all for the Filipino child.